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Give Sleep a Chance

Sometimes, attempting to get a restful night's sleep can be a fruitless, often annoying endeavor, especially when the thing keeping you up is your own body heat. There are numerous factors that play into temperature regulation during sleep. It can vary depending on your age, the place you go to bed in (your room temperature, local climate, etc), and last but not least, the type of mattress you're sleeping on.

But what is it that makes some people hot sleepers and not others? 

In your spa or healing facility, you want to create an atmosphere of relaxation. And what could be more relaxing than the soothing sound of chimes, waves, wind, or rain? With the Marpac Whish, get all these sounds and more.
Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Does it seem impossible to get back to sleep? Here are some ways you could fix that problem by fixing your sleep position. We also discuss fixing your bedding situation to make sure you can get to sleep and stay asleep.