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International Retailers

Order online in the UK! Visit

If you’d like to order in another country, here’s our current list of international retail partners:

Retailer Phone Country Products Website
Sleep and Sound (01) 300-556 366 Australia Dohm, Hushh Visit
Sleep Solutions (61) 416-250 500 Australia Dohm Visit
The Sleep Store (09) 816-8706 Australia, New Zealand Dohm, Hushh, Travel Mini, Whish, Nod Visit
ALDS - Clear Sound Hearing (604) 533-9884 Canada Marsonas Visit
Amazon Canada - Sound (910) 602-1421 Canada Dohm Visit
Bed Bath & Beyond - Canada (908) 688-0888 Canada Dohm, Hushh Visit
Canadian Hearing Society (416) 964-9595 x367 Canada Marsonas Visit
Hall Telecommunications Supply (519) 822-5420 Canada Dohm
KidCentral 1-877-218-0395 ext. 0 Canada Hushh, Whish Visit
Lived Non Food GMBH 49 (0) 531 224356 Germany Dohm Visit
NF Import & Export Co., Ltd. 81-3-3970-1306 Japan SleepMe Visit
UConfident Distributor 6016-6661702 Malaysia Dohm, Hushh, Rohm and Go Sound Visit
RusMarpac 7 (903) 642-0960 Russia Dohm, Hush, Zohne, Whish Visit
Litebook 6016-6661702 Republic of Korea Dohm Visit
The Missing Puzzle (656) 900-9204 Singapore Dohm, Hushh, Rohm Visit
Good Night Baby (083) 311-1464 South Africa Hushh Visit
Quoview Technology Inc. +886 229959258 Taiwan & Hong Kong Dohm, Hushh, Rohm Visit
Amazon UK - Sound United Kingdom Dohm, Hushh, Rohm Visit
Relax UK Ltd. +44 (0)1206 767300 United Kingdom Pillow Speakers
Quirks Marketing Philippines Dohm, Hushh
Green Import & Export Trading Co +86-13801515020 China Dohm Classic
Quietstore 380991823120 Ukraine Dohm Classic, Rohm Visit

Our partners at Earplug Superstore are also able to ship anywhere in the world.

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