The World’s Best Travel Sound Machines

At Yogasleep, we inspire real people (like you!) on their journeys to better sleep. We do that by providing innovative and high-quality products. 

We strive to make what many would consider to be the world’s best sound machines for travel.

Having begun our own restorative journey to better sleep with the introduction of what was then called the Marpac Dohm in 1962, we’ve had well over half a century to perfect our technology, culminating in some of today’s very best portable noise machines. 

But this isn’t about us. It’s about you and your journey to a more restful night’s sleep, where you can drift into dreamland without a care.

Ready to experience the Yogasleep difference? We encourage you to hear it for yourself tonight.

Travel Noise Machine Features

Each of our rechargeable sound machines offers something a little different for the modern traveler or on-the-go family:

  • Hushh®:Best for families — this dependable, top-selling travel sound machine lets you bring soothing sleep sounds with you wherever baby goes.
  • Rohm®: Best for families — this machine is ideal for new parents, allowing for the convenience of portable sleep sounds & bringing white noise anywhere.
  • Travel Mini: Simplicity and packing light are some of the unique features of this portable sound machine. Bring portable white noise, a night light, and better sleep with you anywhere. 
  • Travelcube: This compact unit offers portable white noise, convenient hanging, and a curated selection of sleep sounds. 
  • Pocket Baby Sound Soothers: Best for babies — Take your child’s favorite familiar sleep sounds on the go in a cute and kid-friendly package. 

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