Yogabed Mattresses

The Ultimate in Cooling Comfort

Experience a refreshing night’s sleep like never before with Yogabed's advanced cooling technology. We expertly utilize the naturally anti-microbial and temperature-regulating qualities of copper to give you the coolest, cleanest sleep possible.

  • Yogabed Cool Memory Foam

    Signature Comfort 

    Four layers of premium, copper-infused memory foam contour to your body for ultimate spinal alignment and pressure relief  

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  • Yogabed Cool Gel Memory Foam

    Cooling Gel 

    Stop sweating the bed with two inches of copper-infused Gel Swirl foam that provide medium support and minimize overheating

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  • Yogabed Cool Hybrid

    Hybrid Luxury 

    Independent coils adjust to your body’s unique shape for personalized pressure relief and optimal edge-to-edge support 

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    Unlock the secrets to a perfect night's sleep with these 35 science-backed tips, designed to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, more restorative slumber.

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  • Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Get to Sleep

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    Transform your nights and mornings with a rejuvenating self-care-infused bedtime routine, designed to help you unwind effortlessly and achieve better sleep.

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White Noise

Choose Your Own Sleep Soundtrack

Set up your own sleep oasis, complete with soothing sleep sounds that block out unwanted background noise. Our unrivaled white noise expertise, tracing back to the invention of the iconic Dohm sound machine, ensures the ultimate slumber experience. Transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven with our soothing sleep sounds, designed to help you drift off into dreamland (and stay there.)

Sleep Experts Since 1962

Yogasleep, born from a heartfelt mission to help a loved one find peaceful sleep, is dedicated to enhancing your sleep experience through high-quality mattresses, innovative sound machines, and accessories. As a trusted companion in sleep wellness, we celebrating the transformative power of restful sleep and honor the love that started it all. Learn more about our story and commitment to Love. Real. Sleep.