Proposition 65 Notice: Info & FAQ's


What is this notice? 

    Proposition 65 is a law that was passed in California in 1986 requiring companies to provide Californians with warnings about exposure to chemicals that can cause bodily harm. These chemicals can be in the products that Californians purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. By requiring that this information be provided, Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals. Proposition 65 requires California to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This list, which must be updated at least once a year, has grown to include approximately 900 chemicals since it was first published in 1987. 

    Proposition 65 became law in November 1986, when California voters approved it by a 63-37 percent margin.  The official name of Proposition 65 is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. For more information, please visit the official state website for Prop 65: 

    Why does Yogasleep include this warning? 

    As a business, we are at risk of litigation and/or being charged high penalties for not complying with the guidelines outlined by Proposition 65. Virtually all electronic products contain trace amounts of the chemical substances included in the Prop 65 list. While the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals from Yogasleep products (with proper usage) is minimal or not significant at all, we, along with many other major manufacturers of electronics (and other products), have decided to play it safe and include the warning to our California customers out of an abundance of caution. 

    Are Yogasleep products safe? 

    All Yogasleep products meet federal regulatory standards and we are compliant with every regulatory and safety requirement set by both retailers and government entities for our product category.

    We believe our products are safe for all of our customers and any inadvertent trace levels of chemicals within our products are deemed well below any safety concern.The warning is provided to allow consumers to assess their individual risk. 

    But I don’t live in California and didn’t purchase my item there, why is it included? 

    While you may not live in California, we are an online business with customers located all over the country, including California. Rather than notifying every individual consumer of Yogasleep based in California, we have decided to include a broad notice to ensure compliance with Prop 65. 

    Still have questions about Prop 65? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience team at