The Trusted Name in White Noise Machines

We are Yogasleep, and we created the first white noise machine in 1962. We’ve been helping generations get better sleep for over half a century. Chances are, if you ask the in-the-know mothers and deepest sleepers in your life what brand of white noise sound machine they use to soothe themselves and their loved ones to sleep every night, they’ll say Yogasleep (or Marpac, as we used to be known)— and that’s for a good reason.

Why Yogasleep for White Noise?

Maybe you’re a light sleeper. Or maybe your baby is, and you’re desperate for some peace and quiet. Maybe your husband snores, keeping you awake as your mind races with tomorrow’s “To Do” list. Perhaps you’re looking for a sound machine to provide privacy in a therapy office, or block out the noise of your loud roommates.

Whatever your need is, there's a white noise machine by Yogasleep to meet it.

Why choose Yogasleep white noise machines, specifically? We know that the journey to your best self begins with a good night’s sleep. That’s why our products provide:

  • Dependability: Our sleep sound machines have been known for their premium quality and durability since 1962
  • Variety: We offer a large assortment of forced-air white noise machines with adjustable settings and digital white noise speakers with multiple sound modes
  • Functional beauty: Upscale, clean designs fit in with any room decor
  • Kid-friendly, adult-approved: Yogasleep sound machines & white noise machines are for everyone who sleeps. Choose from kid-friendly options like our Hushh 2 baby sound machine and adult favorites like the Rohm business-trip-friendly travel white noise machine for sleeping
  • Whether you’re using your white noise sleep machine for falling (and staying) asleep, or for blocking out unwanted noise and outside distraction, there’s a Yogasleep sound machine for you.

    For the highest-caliber white noise machine sound from the company that knows the power of a restful night’s sleep, trust one name: Yogasleep

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