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Ringing Ears? Learn More About White Noise for Tinnitus Relief

Discover the benefits of using white noise for tinnitus relief. Learn about the causes and symptoms of tinnitus, and how white noise can help improve sleep and alleviate the symptoms. Find the best white noise machines for tinnitus relief, and take control of your condition today.

Sounds Like a Dream: How Brown Noise Can Help You Sleep and Focus Like a Pro

Unlock the power of focus with brown noise! Learn how this unique sound can help you concentrate, reduce distractions, and increase productivity. Read on to discover the benefits of brown noise for yourself!

The Most Comprehensive Baby Registry Ever for 2023

There’s a lot of preparation to be done when it comes to welcoming a new little one into the world, and sorting through all the latest and greatest baby products can take a whole lot of time. We’ve compiled a baby registry list that includes all the essentials, so you...

New Parent Must-Haves: Essential Products for Your 2023 Baby Registry

Looking for the best baby products in 2023? Check out our comprehensive list of must-have items for parents this year! From essential safety gear to calming gadgets, get ready to have a happy and safe journey into parenthood. Here is what made our roundup of 2023 must-have baby products.

How Side-Sleepers Can Prevent Shoulder Pain from Sleeping

If you wake up from a long night of side sleeping with shoulder, neck, or back pain, this article is for you. We'll discuss some other sleep positions which might be better for your pain, then give you some tips for how to improve your shoulder problems if you're really...

Try These 9 Sleep Hygiene Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep 

How often do you feel tired or rundown? Does it make it difficult for you to concentrate at work or school? If so, you may need to address your sleep hygiene. Read on to learn about what sleep hygiene is and how to improve it!

5 Red Flags That It’s Time To Buy a New Mattress, Pronto

Most people don't think much about their mattress until they start having trouble sleeping. Unfortunately, it's already too late once you're experiencing discomfort or other problems. Your mattress should be replaced regularly, just like your water filter or toothbrush. By maintaining a fresh bed, you can alleviate pain and sleep...

How to Handle Infant Sleep Regression

If your child suddenly starts experiencing sleep difficulties, you may be coming face-to-face with a dreaded infant sleep regression. Luckily, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for how to get your formerly perfect sleeper back to being a dream at bedtime.  

5 Mom-tested Ways to Create a Calming Sleep Oasis for Your Baby

If you're seeking ways to catch those elusive zzz's, we're here to help with tried-and-true baby nursery ideas. With just a few design tips and a handful of helpful products, you can transform your child's room into a sleeping sanctuary. 

Top 4 Baby Sleep Essentials

We don’t just make and sell beloved sleep products here at Yogasleep, many of us have families and are parents to babies and children who – given our best efforts – don't always sleep at night. While lack of sleep is never fun, we all know how hard those early...

Sleep Tips with Little Z's Sleep

In this new series, we will be chatting with a few of our favorite sleep experts to get their insights on how to improve your (or your family's) sleep routines. This week we’re talking to Becca Campbell, a Richmond, VA-based Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

Where Should I Place My Sound Machine?

Lucky you, you’ve discovered the magic that is a white noise machine! Maybe you’re reading this because you just learned about fan-based white noise and got your *very first* Dohm to help you get better sleep through the night. Or maybe, you have one of our travel sound machines for...

How White Noise Helps with Noisy Neighbors

City living is a whole new ballgame (who knows, there could be an *actual* ballgame being played right outside your bedroom window) and has a whole slew of unique challenges in terms of cohabitation. White noise to the rescue!

Why You REALLY Need a White Noise Machine for Office Privacy

Picture this. You're sitting in your office at the beginning of the day. You've got a bunch of projects to work on, but you're going to get really focused and get them all done. You boot up your computer and start working, only to get interrupted by a coworker. And...

White Noise for Working From Home

 With more and more companies warming to the idea of remote work or telecommuting, many of us have experience working from home. Working from home has its upsides: zero time wasted on a commute, wearing “soft clothes” all day, and a fridge full of snacks at your fingertips, to name...

What's the Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

There are numerous factors that play into temperature regulation during sleep. It can vary depending on your age, the place you go to bed in (your room temperature, local climate, etc), and last but not least, the type of mattress you're sleeping on. Here are a few tips when it...