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Give Sleep a Chance

Are you worried? You are not alone. People worry all the time -- it is only human to worry. However, if not regulated, mild worrying can easily transition to chronic worrying and may cause sleep troubles, anxiety, and depression. Here are 7 approaches to help easy day-to-day worries.
Around two months old, your baby’s body clock has begun sinking into a pattern. For some, this pattern is strong. They wake up the same time each morning or begin getting fussy around the same time each night. For others, it may not be as noticeable. Either way, this is an excellent time to begin forming a little structure in their day and establishing a set routine for their bedtime in the night.
We don’t just make and sell beloved sleep products here at Yogasleep, many of us have families and are parents to babies and children who – given our best efforts – don't always sleep at night. While lack of sleep is never fun, we all know how hard those early days with baby can be when you’re sleep-deprived, changing a million diapers, and adjusting to your “new normal.” We rounded up a list of the most essential sleep products for baby that are time-tested, expert-approved, and have personally helped us weather the sleepless nights of early parenthood.  
If you wake up from a long night of side sleeping with shoulder, neck, or back pain, this article is for you. We'll discuss some other sleep positions which might be better for your pain, then give you some tips for how to improve your shoulder problems if you're really a die-hard side sleeper.
Under the right circumstances, fireworks are exciting, celebratory, and eye-popping. Nothing compares an amazing fireworks show while celebrating July 4th, during a hot summer night, or closing out a baseball game. When they’re unexpected or happening when you’re trying to sleep? It’s a major disturbance in your life and can easily ruin your night *and* even the next day. Not to mention pretty terrifying to hear them when you’re not expecting them! 

We at Yogasleep have a confession to make. The Dohm is actually not a white noise machine. 

What?! Yes, it's true. The Yogasleep Dohm produces, not white noise, butpink noise. Well, you might be wondering, what's the difference? We're glad you asked.
Having nearby neighbors you like is awesome for many things: if you’re lucky enough to have nice neighbors, there’s always someone there to borrow a cup of sugar from, keep an eye on your house when you’re on vacation, and just enjoy the familial camaraderie of knowing the folks you live near. City living is a whole new ballgame (who knows, there could be an *actual* ballgame being played right outside your bedroom window) and has a whole slew of unique challenges in terms of cohabitation. White noise to the rescue!
In this new series, we will be chatting with a few of our favorite sleep experts to get their insights on how to improve your (or your families) sleep hygiene. This week we’re talking to Becca Campbell, a Richmond, VA based Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.
Washing your mattress cover isn’t typically on the top of your house maintenance list. Why? Well, for one, most mattresses don’t have the option! The most protection the average mattress has is the fitted sheet you sleep on (unless you buy a mattress protector separately.) Here's how to easily wash your Zip-n-Wash mattress cover.
We know the routine - you’re getting ready for bed but your mind won’t shut off. To-do lists, news headlines, the works, are racing through your brain right when you’re supposed to get shut-eye. The definition of anxiety means to worry about something with an uncertain outcome and it’s more common than ever before.