Brown Noise Sleep Machines & Sound Machines

The best brown noise machine is one made by the inventors of the original white noise machine: Yogasleep.

The Best Brown Noise Sound Machine

Our brown noise sound machine collection includes something for everyone, from busy young parents seeking better sleep for baby to business travelers looking for a solid night’s rest on the road.

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Why Sleep with Brown Noise?

Brown sound machines, or brown noise sleep machines as they’re sometimes called, emit a special frequency of sound known as “brown noise”.

Fun fact: While you might think the word “brown” in brown noise refers to the color brown, it’s actually an allusion to Robert Brown, a 19th-century botanist who discovered the noise we now call brown noise.

“Cool,” you may think…but why should you care? Good question!

The answer is simple: According to U.S. News & World Report, brown noise is linked to benefits such as:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Potential reduction of symptoms associated with anxiety and ADHD

Other Benefits of Brown Noise

The reason that we don’t refer to our brown noise sound machines exclusively as sleep machines is because they have so many other uses.

A growing number of people use brown noise sound machines for non-sleep-related reasons, such as concentration and focus. (Brown noise has been prominently featured all over TikTok for this very reason).

Our blog post “Sounds Like a Dream: How Brown Noise Can Help You Sleep and Focus Like a Pro” explains some of the key benefits of brown noise, not to mention the science behind the phenomenon in greater depth, in case you’re interested in learning more.

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A Better Night’s Rest Awaits: Shop Yogasleep Brown Noise Machines

Ready to see for yourself how using brown noise could help you focus, relax, or sleep better?

Check out our brown noise machine collection, which features a machine for every type of dreamer, including:

  • Duet: Stream your favorite sleep soundtrack, podcast, or music wirelessly, or choose from 30 built-in sound options including white and brown noise.
  • Dreamcenter: This compact unit that has 26 sound effects, including white and brown noise.
  • Travel Mini: an ultra-portable brown noise machine with plenty of other sounds to choose from and long-lasting battery life.

Shop for the brown noise machine of your dreams (or the one that will make you dream better, at least) now!