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Types of Mattresses and Their Benefits

Choosing a mattress can be a stressful and time-consuming mission. There’s a glut of information out there, and only so many hours in the day to read and research. Now more than ever, we all want to be conscious, informed consumers.

How to Wash Your Mattress Cover

Washing your mattress cover isn’t typically on the top of your house maintenance list. Why? Well, for one, most mattresses don’t have the option! The most protection the average mattress has is the fitted sheet you sleep on (unless you buy a mattress protector separately.) Here's how to easily wash your...

What is the Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy impacts so many aspects of your life and one of the most commonly reported are feelings of exhaustion. This happens for many complicated reasons that have to do with your metabolism and changes in hormone levels, but regardless of why it happens, one thing is clear: you need to...

Firm or Soft Mattress: Which is Right for You?

Ever wondered how much of your life you spend asleep? According to the Sleep Matters Club, the average person spends 26 years sleeping and approximately 7 years trying to get to sleep--that's a whopping 33 years in bed! With so much of our lives dedicated to getting some good ole...

The Best Pillow Arrangements for Back Sleepers

Back sleeping is the best way to sleep, says anyone who knows a lot about sleeping positions. Side sleeping easily jams your shoulders and hips into the mattress, causing shoulder and hip pain; stomach sleepers have to crane their necks to the side to accomplish their sleep position, causing neck...

Yogabed™ Delivers on Customer Service with New FedEx Partnership

Yogabed™ Delivers on Customer Service with New FedEx Partnership  ATLANTA, Ga., October 27, 2015 – Yogabed™, manufacturer and online retailer of luxury foam mattresses and accessories, today announced it has tapped FedEx as its delivery partner of choice, helping to provide consumers with the piece of mind that a great...

History's Most Famous Beds

At Yogabed, we’re really into beds. And having made more than 20,000 of them, we like to think we know a bit on the subject. So when the topic “famous beds” came up at the office, we all chimed in with our faves. Herewith, Yogabed’s official, indisputable list of The...

Yogabed™ Zip-n-Wash Cover With Thermocool™ Keeps Sleepers in Their Comfort Zone

Innovative removable and washable cover helps keep users warm when they feel cold and cool when they feel hot  ATLANTA, Ga., October 1, 2015 – For consumers who sleep too hot or too cold, Yogabed™ has the answer to both, all in one removable, washable mattress cover.

How Two Guys Built A New Kind of Mattress Company

How does a successful startup take flight? In the case of Yogabed, it took a new idea, a leap of faith, endless hard work and a fanatical commitment to delighting their customers.

Try it, you’ll like it. But what if you don’t?

When it comes to trying out something new, having more time is generally better. 

Here’s Why Your Next Mattress Will Come In A Box

OK, it’s true you can still go to a ritzy department store or giant retail chain and shell out big bucks on a “luxurious” mattress/boxspring combo. You can also still watch Betamax tapes and connect to the Internet via dial-up. But that’s not the way things are heading.

An Ode to the Nap

[Editor’s note: The writer tasked with delivering this blog post appears to have fallen asleep on the job. We discovered him slumped uncomfortably over his laptop, a half-eaten bag of Oreos close at hand. The following was on his screen.]