Why Getting a Bed in a Box is Better

Traditionally, buying a new mattress has not been an event to look forward to. Let’s face it, committing to an investment that you spend a third of your life sleeping on can be stressful. In the past, buying a new mattress meant spending hours hopping from one mattress store showroom to the next. Not to mention the stress of making a major purchase on a product you’ve had just minutes to try out. Worst of all, it meant fending off pushy salespeople touting the typical spiel of having “the perfect deal for you!” Luckily, times have changed, now you can purchase just about anything from the convenience of your own home: groceries, pet food, and of course, mattresses.

Thanks to the influx of online mattress stores, you can now opt to get a bed in a box delivered straight to your front door, swapping the showroom for the bedroom and eliminating many of the pain points of investing in a new and improved sleep experience.

Here, we’ll cover some of the major advantages that come with a choosing a bed in a box.

yogasleep bed in a box mattress

What exactly is a bed in a box?

A bed in a box is just what the name implies — a mattress that is compressed, vacuum-sealed, rolled up, and packed into a box for easy delivery right to your door. Thanks to advancements in packaging technology and mattress materials, these boxes are easily carried, often by a single person, and can fit into the trunk of a car, through a small doorway, or up a tricky staircase.

Why should I bother with a bed in a box?

A Low-Price Purchase

In most cases, purchasing a bed in a box is easier on your wallet, especially when compared to traditional mattresses. Online direct to consumer bedding companies don't have to worry about paying rent for showrooms or compensating a ton of salespeople. They can instead pass these savings on to consumers with lower priced beds. Generally, a mid-range bed in a box will run you between $500 and $1,500. A queen-sized Yogabed, Yogasleep's own luxury memory foam mattress, comes in at just under $1,000, and was named “Best Budget Mattress” by Sleep Foundation. Often, shipping and delivery fees are even included in the price of your selection online — a benefit you don’t usually receive with traditional mattress stores.

yogabed bed in a box mattress delivery to your door

Dreamy Delivery

We mentioned this earlier, but one of the benefits of getting a bed in a box is the fact that it comes to you, and not the other way around. Generally composed of advanced memory foam, the mattresses are easily compressed into a box about the size of a small refrigerator before being shipped to your location. The manageable box size means that it can be delivered along with your regular packages. Gone are the days of strapping mattresses to the roof of your car, borrowing your neighbor’s truck to drive to the showroom, or scheduling your day around in-person mattress delivery.

yogasleep yogabed bed in a box mattress easy setup

Seamless Setup

Once your bed in a box mattress arrives at your home, the setup is ridiculously easy, and requires about 10 minutes — a huge difference from around waiting for your mattress during those unpredictable delivery windows. Unlike having to lug a bulky traditional mattress through your door (a task you can hardly do alone), bed in a box mattresses are, well, boxed. (We know, we know. That’s pretty apparent at this point.) This makes moving your new purchase into your bedroom a breeze that won't leave you feeling like you just went to the gym. Even better, this makes setting up a new bed on your own a possibility — meaning no more arguing with your partner or bribing your friends with pizza to help you drag your mattress into its proper place.

After you’ve gotten the box in your sleep space, simply slide the mattress out of its case, carefully remove the wrapping, and then watch as it expands on its own on top of your box spring or bed frame. Most take about a day to inflate to full size, and then you’re free to jump into a freshly made bed and head straight to dreamland.

yogasleep yogabed bed in a box mattress medium firm support

Top Quality ZZZs

Convenience aside, you might still be asking yourself, “is a bed in a box really that good?” You can rest assured that a bed in a box provides the same quality and comforts of any “normal” mattress from a mattress store. Durability, firmness, and stability are all still part of the package. You aren’t just limited to full memory foam, either. Hybrid mattresses , a combination of memory foam, gel or latex and an innerspring system, have made their way to the bed in a box marketplace. They offer a classic spring mattress feel while still providing all of the pressure relief benefits of foam.

Yogasleep offers both layered memory foam and Hybrid options. The original Yogabed is comprised of our patented YogaComfort™ advanced memory foam layering system, while the Yogabed Cool Hybrid Mattress features a combination of memory foam and individual coils for ultimate comfort and temperature regulation.

While there is a drop in price when it comes to a bed in a box, there is no drop in quality.

Sleep On It Trial Period

An online mattress will probably be one of the biggest internet purchases you ever make — not to mention the amount of time you’ll spend sleeping on it — so it’s important that you have the time and space to decide if its right for you. As with most sleep accessories, mattress preferences are individualized, and sleep specialists recommend lying on a mattress for at least 20 minutes before you decide on it. Who wants to spend that much time lying around in a busy mattress store? Not us.

Luckily, many online mattress stores offer trial periods of 100+ days. A new mattress will support your body better — and that’s a good thing! But it can take some time for your body to adjust to the change. We recommend trying our Yogabed for at least 30 days, but offer 101 days of risk-free test-sleeping, so you can be certain about your new sleepscape.

yogasleep yogabed bed in a box mattress

Easy Returns & Full Refunds

It’s probably hard to imagine stuffing an entire mattress into a box less than half its size. We’re not Mary Poppins, and we don’t think you are, either. Luckily, if you don’t like your mattress, it most likely doesn’t have to go back into the box. Most bed in a box retailers are happy to refund dissatisfied customers without making them send opened mattress back in the mail. Take us, for example. If, after your 101-day Yogabed sleep trial, you still aren’t sold on your new bed, we’ll help you arrange to have the mattress picked up, at no charge to you.

Reassurance Throughout the Years

Most mattresses come with warranties, and bed in a box mattresses are no exception. This is a great thing to consider if you’re stressing about making a major purchase. Yogasleep offers a 10 year limited warranty on our mattresses so you can relax, take a breath, and sleep soundly for years to come.

Which Bed in a Box is Right for You?

With the number of online mattress retailers growing at a steady rate, you can be sure that there are more than enough options to choose from. However, this can make a final decision difficult to come to. When choosing your mattress, be sure to think about factors like your body type, sleep position, and desired level of support. Also consider your normal sleep temperature, the mattress size you want, and what features are most important to you – like a washable cover, cooling technology, or motion isolation.

yogasleep yogabed best bed in a box mattress

Why Yogabed?

Both the Yogabed and Yogabed Cool Hybrid Mattress are top choices when it comes to bed in a box mattresses. Our beds are made entirely in the USA and are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning our memory foam is environmentally friendly and free of formaldehyde, mercury, ozone depleters, and other harmful chemicals.

The Yogabed’s 4-layer YogaComfort™ system is designed to support the body by dispersing weight across the mattress and evenly reducing pressure points. More than 90% of Yogabed customers find that the firmness is just right — not too soft, not too hard. It suits stomach, back, or side sleepers, and provides motion isolation technology (that’s fancy talk for “the whole bed doesn’t move when you or your partner does.”)

If you’re an especially hot sleeper and worried about memory foam keeping you way too warm throughout the night, the Yogabed Cool Hybrid Mattress is an excellent bed in a box choice. Copper-infused memory foam, patented wrapped coils, and heat-conductive yarns work together in harmony to help move heat and moisture away from your skin. The Cool Hybrid includes all of the motion isolation features and superior pressure relief of the original Yogabed, which results in cool-as-a-breeze, restorative rest that will allow you to tackle your day.

Both mattresses feature a thermo-regulating Zip-n-Wash cover that can be easily removed and tossed in the wash for consistently cool and clean sleep, making owning and maintaining a memory foam bed in a box easier than ever before.

Why Yogasleep?

Yogasleep been at the forefront of helping people sleep for nearly 60 years, so we know what we’re doing. As the founders of the original sound machine in 1962 and highly-rated bed in a box innovators, we’ve been selling sleep – glorious, wake-up-feeling-fantastic-sleep – to satisfied consumers worldwide for generations.

Yogasleep offers a painless shopping experience, ingenious mattress technology, and customer support from real humans who actually want to help you.

And don’t forget about our 101-night sleep trial. Yes, we mentioned it before. But we stand by our products, and want to make sure that you get the deep, restful sleep you deserve. If you try your Yogabed – or any Yogasleep products – for up to 101 days and still aren’t fully satisfied, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

yogasleep yogabed best bed in a box mattress

Convinced Yet?

Mattresses are supposed to help you achieve perfect sleep — not keep you up all night worrying. Skip the hassle of traditional mattress shopping so that you can focus less on bed hunting and spend more time getting your beauty rest.

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