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Why getting a Bed in a Box is Better

Why Getting a Bed in a Box is Better

Traditionally, buying a new mattress has not been an occasion to look forward to. It meant spending laborious hours out and about, hopping from one mattress store showroom to the next. It meant making a major purchase on a showroom product you only have a few minutes to try. Worst of all it meant fending off pushy salespeople all touting the typical spiel of having "the perfect deal for you." But times are changing, and nowadays you can purchase just about anything from the convenience of your own home: Furniture, yoga mats, and of course, mattresses.

Due to the influx of trendy online mattress stores, you can now opt to get a bed in a box delivered straight to your door, switching out the showroom for the bedroom in a more hassle-free experience. 

But why exactly is a box mattress right for you?

We'll cover some of the major advantages that come with getting a bed in a box. 


A Low Price Purchase

In most cases, purchasing a bed in a box is easier on your wallet. Online direct to consumer bedding companies don't have to worry so much about paying rent for showrooms or keeping on salespeople. They can pass on the savings to consumers with lower price point beds. On average, a bed in a box mattress will cost you around $600 or less for commodity, imported beds. The higher quality options tend to be priced at around $1,000. A queen-sized Yogabed, Marpac's own luxury foam mattress, sells for $900.

Convenient Delivery

We mentioned this earlier, but one of the benefits of getting a bed in a box is the fact that it comes to you, not the other way around. Generally being composed of advanced memory foam, the mattresses are easily compressed into a box the size of a small refrigerator before being shipped to your location. There are some box brands that sell innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses, but the most popular options are high-quality memory foam mattresses. 


Easy Setup

Once your bed in a box mattress arrives at your home, the set up is easy and requires only about 10 minutes. Unlike having to heft around a bulky traditional mattress through your door (a task you can hardly do alone), bed in a box mattresses are, well, boxed. This makes moving them into your bedroom a breeze that won't leave you feeling like you just went to the gym. From there you just slide the mattress out of its case, carefully remove the wrapping, and then watch as it inflates on its own on top of your box spring or bed frame. Most take about a day to inflate to full size. 


Sleep on it Trial Period

Getting an online mattress will probably be one of the biggest internet purchases you ever make, so it’s important that you have the time and space to feel out if its right for you. Luckily, many online mattress stores offer 100-day trials, sometimes longer, with a free return policy.


Which Bed in a Box is Right for You?

With the number of online mattress retailers growing at a steady rate, you can be sure that there are more than enough options to select from. More options mean more choices, and this can make narrowing down the right mattress for you a bit of a chore; not to mention the numerous amount of factors that play into whether or not a mattress fits you. These factors include things like your body type, mattress type, whether you're a back sleeper or a side sleeper, and many more. 

Yogabed is a worry-free choice - as one of the bed in a box innovators the beds are highly rated by consumers. Even better, your Yogabed is backed by a nearly 60-year old company based in North Carolina. Rest assured if you don’t like the bed, Marpac offers a 101-night sleep trial for any (or no) reason returns and we’ll be here throughout the 10-year limited warranty for your Yogabed.

Marpac's Yogabed is the ideal bed in a box mattress made entirely in the USA. It utilizes advanced Dynamic-Support Memory Foam (that’s fancy talk for it supports your body no matter what sleep position you are in and if you move on one side of the bed the whole bed doesn’t move - AKA “motion isolation”). The top layer is made from Marpac's patented cooling gel memory foam, and the extra memory foam layers beneath it are made out of thermo-regulating YogaFoam. Yogabed also features the Zip-n-Wash cover. “Zip” for the zipper along the edge of the mattress so you can remove it without lifting the mattress and “Wash” because you can toss the cover right into the washing machine for the cleanest mattress ever. The Zip-n-Wash cover has the added super-power of having high-tech micro-fibers that help regulate temperature and moisture.

Skip the hassle of traditional mattress shopping so that you can focus less on bed hunting and spend more time getting your beauty rest.