Firm or Soft Mattress: Which is Right for You?

Ever wondered how much of your life you spend asleep? According to theSleep Matters Club, the average person spends 26 years sleeping and approximately 7 years trying to get to sleep--that's a whopping 33 years in bed! With so much of our lives dedicated to getting some good ole shut-eye, it only makes sense to invest in a mattress that provides you with agood night's sleep, right? But with varioustypes of mattresses to choose from, how can you know which is the best for you? Many factors contribute to thecomfort levels ofdifferent mattresses, but a key factor among them is the level of firmness. 

Should you go with asoft mattress or afirm mattress? Does it matter if you're astomach sleeper or back sleeper? Whichsleeping position is best for people withlower back pain? These are the kinds of questions we'll be answering in this article so that, by the time you reach the end, you'll have a good idea which level of firmness will best fit yourpersonal preferences

But Wait--What Makes a Good Mattress In The First Place?

A good mattress encourages properspinal alignment

What does that mean? Well, consider this: your spine consists of 33 individual vertebrae which stack up together to form your vertebral column. Your spine isn't straight, the column instead forming an S shape which helps to support your head, neck, and body. The vertebral column also protects the all-important spinal cord. To ensure that these intricate structures continue to work smoothly, your spine needs to receive proper support as often as possible, even while horizontal. 

A good mattress will cradle your body in what's called a "neutral position" where your head, shoulders, butt, and heels are all aligned together in proper order. With a mattress of true quality, you should be able to notice the immediatepressure relief andcushioning in all the right places--not too firm and not too soft, just the perfect balance of dreamlike comfort that makes it thebest mattress for you. Over time, if you get the right bed for your particularbody type that also supports yourpressure points, you should experience improved posture and muscle relaxation that endures. 

Soft Mattresses vs.Firm Mattresses  

Even just from reading the name, you can easily distinguish the key difference between soft andfirm mattresses.Softer mattresses compress more easily under pressure whilefirm mattresses don't give as much and tend to be more rigid. 
For those of you who struggle withback pain, afirmer mattress will provide the proper support you need to help alleviate pressure in places of discomfort--however, you have to be careful about choosing the right amount of firmness. A mattress that's too firm may exacerbate joint discomfort,shoulder pain, andback pain

If, however, you have pre-existingback problems, asofter mattress may be the best option for you. They are also best for providing propercushioning on your shoulders and hips, which makes them ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. 

What About AMedium Firm-Mattress

So how do you decide which is best for you? Much of it comes down topersonal preference. With all the different options out there, it can be hard to narrow down which bed will work for your particularbody type and sleeping habits. Luckily, Marpac's Yogabed is amedium-firm mattress that comes with the best of both worlds; it's firm enough to support yourpressure points while maintaining a softness that alleviates joint discomfort.

It uses advancedmemory foam that reacts quickly to pressure from your particularbody type, making it a great option regardless of whether or not you're a lightweight or a heavyweight. Because of its Dynamic-SupportMemory Foam, you'll enjoy your Yogabed if you're aback sleeper,stomach sleeper, orside-sleeper. Not sure if you should give Yogabed a try? Sleep on it with our 101-Night Comfort Trial. If it turns out that thisnew mattress isn't for you, send it back for free. 

You spend approximately 33 years of your life in bed, so why spend them in discomfort? Treat yourself to an all-natural slumber with Yogabed