Yogasleep Green Noise Sound Machines

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What is Green Noise & Why Consider a Green Noise Sleep Machine?

You’ve probably heard of white noise and pink noise, but what about green noise? This unique “color noise” has a unique sound profile that mimics the natural sounds of the environment. In comparison to white noise, however, green noise emphasizes lower frequencies..

The frequency of green noise makes it ideal for promoting the production of delta brain waves, which themselves are associated with deep sleep and relaxation. (Cool, right?)

The sound emitted by green sound machines also may help regulate the autonomic nervous system, making it helpful for people who experience anxiety.

What Does a Green Noise Machine for Sleep Sound Like?

Think of nature: green noise reminds most people of natural sounds like the rustling of leaves or the gentle hum of woodland activity.

How do Green Noise vs White Noise vs Brown Noise Compare?

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of cresting waves on the beach? There may be a reason for that according to science, and it’s related to green noise.

All color noises contain all frequencies of noise audible to the human ear. It’s the ratio of those frequencies that creates different “colors” of noises, such as white noise, brown noise, pink noise, and green noise.

  • White noise contains all frequencies in equal proportion. It sounds similar to TV static or a hissing radiator.
  • Green noise contains a higher proportion of mid-tones, making it sound more “rounded” like a soft, serene breeze and less like the higher-pitched “hissing” that you might associate with white noise.
  • Both brown noise and pink noise boost lower frequencies even more prominently than green noise. If green noise sounds like a soft breeze blowing through the trees, then brown noise is more like the sound of low rolling thunder and pink noise is more like falling rain.

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