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Dohm® Classic Sound Machine

Dohm® Classic Sound Machine

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Give sleep a chance with the original sound machine. First invented in 1962, the Dohm was initially called the Sleep-Mate (or Sleepmate) and has been beloved by generations since. The classic model features our signature fan-based natural white noise with two speed options for adjustable tone. Just plug it in, flip the switch to high or low, then rotate the cap and collar to find the best sound for you.


  • Fan-Based White Noise
  • 2 Speed Adjustments
  • Adjustable Tone
  • 7 foot 120V AC power cable (included)
  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Warranty

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    How do I adjust the tone of the Dohm Classic?

    To adjust the tone and volume of your Dohm Classic, simply flip the switch to high or low, and then rotate the external cap and collar to find the best sound for you.

    Can I use my Dohm Classic internationally?

    The Dohm Classic sold in the United States can be used in the USA and Canada.

    What are the decibel levels for the Dohm Classic?

    At six feet, we measure the maximum decibel level of the Dohm at 57.4dB.

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    Since 1962 our products have been centered on the promise of real, natural and restorative sleep. Waking up and realizing you feel great because last night you slept great -- that's what we live for.

    Our Signature Dohm Sound

    Creates soothing ambient sounds of rushing air without the disturbance and cooling effects of actual moving air. Our noise-cancelling sound machines replicate the constant "whirring" of an air conditioner or fan in a convenient, portable unit.

    How White Noise Works

    White noise smooths out your audible environment to minimize disruptions that can lead to poor quality sleep and interfere with sleep cycles

    Endless Uses

    Use white noise in your home, office, classroom, or study. Sound machines are a low-cost way to ensure sound sensitive topics and discussions are kept confidential.

    For All Ages

    The Dohm Classic is effective at soothing kids, babies, parents and even sound sensitive pets.

    100% Natural Sleep

    The steady non-looping sound of white noise can also support the management of tinnitus systems.

    Our Yogasleep community has been loving the Dohm Classic since it launched in 1962!

    Check out these Fan favorite reviews to learn more!


    "I use this in my counseling office. It makes a very neural noise that is effective at muffling outside noises. Easy to use. Reasonable size, simple appearance, I barely notice that it is there, which is just what I was looking for."

    - Karen


    "I bought this for our 16 month old. We’ve been using a fan as “white noise” which has worked well except that the dog sometimes wakes him up. I was excited to set this up. It’s very simple with just one button and 2 sections to turn to adjust sound and volume. The instructions didn’t specify how far away to place the sound machine etc- it only included the picture of how to turn on and adjust. At first I thought the sound was very LOW. Max volume didn’t make as loud a sound as the fan we’ve been using so I didn’t expect this to work. We’ve been using for about a week and I am pleasantly surprised! Baby has slept very well during nap time and at night- through the dog barking and a particular bad night of thunder. This machine doesn’t sound loud but definitely works to soothe him and block out the outside noise. I highly recommend! 

    - Hailz17


    "What a great device! We were have problems sleeping due to droning noise from the neighborhood well pump running. This device is so soothing and sound adjustable, we bought a second one for the guest room!"

    - JR