Shop Staff Favorites (We Love Sleep Too)

From manufacturing to marketing, these reviews came from our dedicated staff across all departments.

"My favorite is the Duet. I use it in my toddler's bedroom every night. The sound is super robust and I love the soft glow night light for reading books at bedtime. "

The Duet. It has many great sounds as well as the Bluetooth option. The firepit crackling reminds me of camping in the mountains. That's always a good thing."

"Duet! Love the Bluetooth speaker functionality, being able to stream my favorite playlists directly from my phone anytime of the day is great. The volume comes across clear even on the highest setting!"

"Dohm Nova! I think it provides the best white noise, has 10 fan speeds, and an adjustable nightlight."

"Dohm Connect. Because it's really loud and since it has a scheduling app, I do not have to touch it!"

"Dohm Classic. I like the simplicity, just flip a switch and it's on. Which is nice at the end of the day when I'm too tried to think anymore."

"Travel Mini all the way. I love to take this white noise machine wherever I go. The nightlight is a must when I'm staying in hotels. I know that wherever I'm sleeping, I will not hear a thing outside my room. Plus, I think it's so cute :)"

"Hushh! My daughter takes this wherever she goes. In the car, on trips, on the way to school. She (and I) can't live without it. Her favorite sound is the gentle surf. And the nightlight makes riding in the car at night, less scary."

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