Seller Ordered to End Reselling, Distributing and Marketing of Yogasleep® Brand Products

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WILMINGTON, N.C., SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 – Marpac, LLC, which sells its full line of sleep products under the Yogasleep® brand took aggressive legal action to defend against unauthorized reselling of its branded products on the Amazon marketplace. On August 11th, 2020 the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts issued a judgement that the roque reseller “1st Avenue Superstore” was to cease all marketing and sales activities using any of Yogasleep brand products or trademarks.

 “Like most consumer product brands, online marketplaces are a critical channel for selling our products where consumers increasingly purchase goods,” said Daryl Millar, Chief Growth Officer for Marpac, LLC. “Whenever rogue sellers attempt to take advantage of the trust place in our products, by misrepresenting themselves online,  we will always take aggressive action to defend our consumers.”

 Marpac, LLC hired the law firm K&L Gates to litigate the successful action.

Case name:               “Marpac, LLC v. 1st Avenue Superstore”

Case Number:          1:20-cv-11091

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About Marpac, LLC and Yogasleep


Marpac, LLC sells its quality sleep products under its flagship brand Yogasleep®. Based in Wilmington, N.C., it was founded in 1962 with the creation of the original white noise machine now called the Dohm®. Over the decades it has grown by providing quality sleep and privacy products while providing the highest levels of customer service. Yogasleep sound machines include the Dohm family of natural, fan-based white noise machines, electronic multi-sound machines for home and travel and commercial devices. Yogasleep has expanded its natural sleep products to bedding and scent machines. Yogabed® mattresses and bedding accessories are currently sold directly to consumers at and wherever people shop for quality sleep products.