Study by the Center for Sleep Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center Shows White Noise Significantly Improves Sleep Quality and Reduces Sleep Interruption – and it Improves Sleep Even After White Noise is Removed


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NEW YORK, NY JUNE 2021 – In a study titled “Effects of White Noise on Sleep Quality and Duration in Individuals Living in a High Noise Environment in New York City,” doctors from Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital determined that white noise significantly improved sleep based on subjective and objective measurements. The study was partially funded by Marpac LLC, the parent company of Yogasleep.


Led by investigators from Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Harvard Medical School, the study tested the hypothesis that white noise would improve sleep quality in New Yorkers complaining of sleep difficulty due to elevated sound levels. It included ten adults recruited from a New York City based sleep clinic who reported high levels of environmental noise in their sleep location. The treatment included the application of white noise from a Dohm Classic white noise machine using a three-week ABA design testing methodology. White noise was applied during the second week of treatment, using the first and third weeks of the test as baseline measurements of sleep quality.


The study concluded that white noise markedly improved sleep quality and that it may be an effective tool in helping to improve sleep in noisy environments. It also found that the effects of white noise exposure were sustained, even after the white noise machine was removed. “Our customers have been self-reporting that white noise helps them sleep better for decades,” said Daryl Millar, Chief Growth Officer of Yogasleep, “Having this backed up by science and data is exciting, and further proves the effectiveness of white noise to help the 25% of Americans who suffer from sleep disturbances from noise.”


The findings of the study were published in the June 18, 2021, issue of the journal Sleep Medicine. PubMed abstract can be found here


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