Reversible Weighted Eye Mask

Our Reversible Weighted Eye Mask brings the soothing effects of a weighted blanket to your face. Strap on the mask and feel stress dissipate as the weight gently fills the contour of your face. Effectively blocks out all light and perfect for stress relief and sleep while on-the-go, traveling, and commuting by plane, train, or car.

Filled with 10 oz of premium glass beads, which our product engineering team determined by consumer testing is the ideal weight to suit all comfort preferences. Extra-wide bands reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the face while staying in place, even while sitting and side sleeping. Unique double-sided mask featuring cooling black polyester on one side and plush grey velour on the other. Bring your Weighted Eye Mask with you wherever you go to alleviate stress, get deep sleep, and help relieve tension!

  • Soothing: Feel your troubles melt away and fall into deeper sleep with the Yogasleep Weighted Eye Mask
  • Stays in Place: The hook and loop band stays in place while tossing and turning, traveling in an airplane, car, or napping in your favorite chair
  • Blocks Light: Conforms to your face to block out all light that may disrupt your sleep; great for travel and for use on a plane, train, or while commuting
  • Gentle Pressure: Provides gentle and evenly distributed pressure on eyes using pressure point therapy that can ease stress
  • Premium Glass Beads: Filled with 10 oz. of hypoallergenic glass beads that have naturally cooling qualities, so your face won’t overheat