What's the Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

What's the Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

Sometimes, attempting to get a restful night's sleep can be a fruitless, often annoying endeavor, especially when the thing keeping you up is your own body heat. There are numerous factors that play into temperature regulation during sleep. It can vary depending on your age, the place you go to bed in (your room temperature, local climate, etc), and last but not least, the type of mattress you're sleeping on.

But what is it that makes some people hot sleepers and not others?

When we fall asleep, our body temperature drops, and the heat that we lose gets absorbed into our mattress. Not everyone gives off an equal amount of heat, though, and those who give off more heat tend to be the ones who sleep hotter and experience more bothersome night sweats. What can you do to fix this? The simplest solution is to get a better mattress, ideally one purpose-made with cooling properties.

What Makes Up the Best Cooling Mattress?

Outside of innerspring mattresses (which tend to exacerbate aches and pains instead of relieving them), and latex mattresses, (which aren't the best at relieving pressure and have poor motion transfer), the best mattress materials for hot sleepers to look out for are Advanced Memory Foam and Gel Foam.


Memory foam, a technology originally developed by NASA during the space age, is a foam that's designed for pressure relief by responding to your body's contouring. Initially, it had little to offer in the way of temperature control and tended to only trap heat, but as technology progressed, so did the design. Nowadays, some mattress companies offer memory foam mattresses that help to regulate your body heat throughout the night for a more comfortable sleep.


Gel Foam is the new kid on the block that contains the best of its predecessor and all the bells and whistles of modern day technology. It may even qualify as the most innovative foam currently on the market for cool mattresses. It works by mixing gel into standard viscoelastic foam which results in a sleeping experience that's cooler than ever. It's the perfect way to get all the comfort of memory foam with the cooling properties of Gel.

Best of Both Worlds: Memory Gel & Gel Foam Hybrid

The Yogabed is a hybrid mattress, with four foam layers: the top layer is made of YogaGel, our patented cooling gel memory foam, and the three memory foam layers underneath are made from thermo-regulating YogaFoam.

Together, this combination offers seven times greater thermal conductivity than traditional memory foam mattresses, enhancing the bed's breathability, and thus creating a mattress with the perfect firmness level for side-sleepers, stomach-sleepers, and back-sleepers alike.

Not sure if you should give it a try? Sleep on it with our 101-Night Comfort Trial.

If the 101 nights go by and you still aren't sleeping cool, send it back. We offer free delivery and returns so that you don't have to worry about a thing. On top of that, we offer a 10-year warranty, because we're positive your YogaBed will keep you cool for years to come.

Your comfort is what's most important, so sleep cooler and wake up refreshed with YogaBed.

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