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Wean Off White Noise?

We sometimes hear from parents who are concerned that white noise will be just one more thing that their child will become attached to, and that they’ll then have to fight the good fight and wean them off of it at the appropriate time. That’s no fun, at all. But we have good news: while white noise IS soothing, it’s NOT a pacifier.


In fact, white noise is suitable for all ages, just as sleep routines are suitable (and recommended!) for all ages, even though we hear a whole lot more about them when it comes to helping babies learn to sleep.

The parent often goes on to ask, “but what about sleepovers? I don’t want my child to be dependent on white noise to sleep.” We do understand the concern, really – we know that once you get used to sleeping with white noise, it’s hard to sleep without it! But here’s our position: falling asleep and staying asleep isn’t always easy, but white noise can help – and it’s a completely all-natural, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive sleep solution. Why go without your best sleep MOST of the time because you are fearful that you won’t be able to sleep SOME of the time?

We see white noise as a tool, not a crutch. If you wish to take your white noise machine on the road or send it with a child to a friend’s house, all the better – you or your little one is more likely to need help trying to sleep in an unfamiliar bed and an unfamiliar sound environment. Prioritizing sleep is nothing to be ashamed of – in fact, it should be a badge of honor!

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