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Try it, you’ll like it. But what if you don’t?

When it comes to trying out something new, having more time is generally better. 

Take (dating): Suppose you had to meet someone, get to know them (and let them get to know you), work through that early,awkward phase, establish the ground rules of your relationship and make a serious commitment to them—all in the space of 30 days. In such a situation wouldn’t, say, a year be more prudent? Before you charged ahead and got all emotionally invested in a major relationship?

Think about it. What if you meet an amazing person in November and everything is all hearts and rainbows for the first few months, and you’re wondering what China pattern goes best with your flatware? And what color should the baby’s room be? Then suddenly it’s April and bam: Baseball season starts and it turns out that this person lives and breathes for baseball (which you never knew), whereas you find the game of baseball as interesting as watching milk curdle.

A year would be better, right? You’d get to experience your potential mate in summer and in winter, over the holidays and during tax season, through the lows, the highs and the hygiene surprises.

We get it. Hence: Yogabed’s 365-day risk-free trial. It’s the longest in the industry and it lets you see how the remarkable Yogabed makes for a great night’s sleep no matter what the season (or sport) — baseball, hockey or Frisbee.

Because when it comes to trial periods, more is better. And most is best of all.

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