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The Perfect Pajamas

What’s your favorite bedtime outfit? Footy pajamas? An old T shirt? Nightgown? Perhaps you aren’t picky about your PJ’s and slip on anything that’s within arm’s reach. If this sounds like you, you might be surprised to know there’s a bit of reasoning behind picking the right pair of pajamas.

According to you should choose sleepwear that feels good when you put it on, in addition, “being strategic about what your sleep attire is made of can help regulate your body temperature during the night, which, in turn, can promote better slumber.” Cotton, silk, flannel and wool are all great options. Whether you prefer a cool, breathable fabric, a fabric that keeps you warm or even one that’s a thermoregulator (like silk), there’s something for you.

While the fabric is a very important part of your pajamas, you can’t skip the details! Things such as how it fits, how it feels on your skin and whether it covers your feet (yes, your feet are important too) are all things to consider when determining your perfect PJ’s. If none of these suits you, you might consider going Au Naturel. Yep, that’s right… no clothes! If you’re one that gets too hot while sleeping, being clothesless will help keep you cool, which can lead to a longer, deeper sleep.

Choosing the perfect pajamas is an important daily task. Equally, if not more important is choosing the right bed! With a Yogabed, you’re sure to have a great night sleep no matter what you wear to bed.  

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