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the Marpac Manifesto

The outstanding quality of Marpac white noise machines is no accident. We don't often toot our own horns - (it's just not very becoming, and we ARE Southerners, after all...) - but we believe that it's important to share what makes our sound machines so special, because it says a lot about what you can expect from our products and our company when you honor us with your purchase.


So here it is... the Marpac Manifesto:

Marpac seeks to share SERIOUS SLEEP with the whole wide world!

By developing, manufacturing, marketing, and supporting the finest sound machines possible, we take great satisfaction in helping people love how they sleep, love how they feel, and love how they live – every single day.

Marpac makes PRODUCTS that we are all proud to put our name on.

Function and superior sound are what’s important; we don’t believe in unnecessary frills. Ours are solid machines that do what we say they will do better than anyone else’s in the industry. Simply stated, the Dohm is the “best” in the marketplace because every person in the company does what he or she is supposed to do at the optimal level.

Marpac is PEOPLE, dedicated to excellence.

We have high standards, from the inside, out – because we hire people who truly care, and we trust them to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Personal integrity is the foundation of our company. It’s the great people we hire who drive our culture and deliver on the Marpac promise: quality products and unbelievably genuine customer service.

Marpac service means treating our CUSTOMERS as we’d wish to be treated – and then going 1 step further.

We are all fully awake to the joys of providing genuine service and do our best to delight those who have loved and supported our company for decades. We seek to engage with our customers on a personal level, and in exchange, we are often treated to snippets of their lives, whether through passionate product reviews or direct communications. We do not take their loyalty for granted, and make sure they know that the appreciation is mutual.

Marpac CARES about our products and our customers, and also about each other.

We are positive, supportive, and truly considerate of one another. We are fun-loving but professional; we recognize the value of fostering a culture which brings out the best in people and performance. We are increasingly creative and innovative, and always striving for more. Our workplace is uniquely full of dedicated people who believe in the product and enjoy coming to work.

Marpac employees function less like co-workers and more like TEAMMATES.

As a team, we are passionate, enthusiastic, and proud to work hard together toward a common goal – we recognize that our greatest success will be the result of many hands and minds.

and Marpac is even more than a team -- we are FAMILY.

As family, we recognize that sometimes what you do or know may not be as important as how much you care. We look out for one another, trust and respect all, and value our differences. We support each other in hard times and celebrate together in good times.

We all have a deep sense of respect and love for Marpac and the value it creates for our families, friends, customers, communities, country, and economy. We are grateful to be a part of this company; we love what we do, how we do it, and who we do it with – and we know that not everyone is lucky enough to say that.

At Marpac, our ultimate goal is to help you love how you sleep, love how you feel, and love how you live – every single day. We hope you'll give us a chance to do so.

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