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What Your Sleep Routine Says About You

You can learn a lot about by digging into your sleep habits. Whether you sleep on your side, constantly hit the snooze button, or lie in bed awake at night desperately trying to sleep, there are always ways find a better sleep routine.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking into your personal snooze habits. 

Pink Noise vs. White Noise: What’s the Difference, and Why Should You Care?

We at Yogasleep have a confession to make. The Dohm is actually not a white noise machine.  What?! Yes, it's true. The Yogasleep Dohm produces, not white noise, but pink noise. Well, you might be wondering, what's the difference? We're glad you asked.

Your Guide to Pink Noise, White Noise, & Brown Noise

Most of our readers will be familiar with the concept of white noise, and some may have even heard of pink noise, but we wonder how many people know that there’s an entire spectrum of sound available to the human ear? Much in the same way that there are different...

How a White Noise Machine Can Help You Sleep Through Your Pregnancy

Some degree of insomnia during pregnancy is very common: over 80% of pregnant women have trouble sleeping, either in terms of difficulty falling asleep, frequent wakings, or lack of good sleep. For some this happens in the third trimester of pregnancy, for others, it occurs mainly in the first trimester....

Why Your Spa Needs White Noise Machines

In your spa or healing facility, you want to create an atmosphere of relaxation. And what could be more relaxing than the soothing sound of chimes, waves, wind, or rain? With the Marpac Whish, get all these sounds and more.

Why You REALLY Need a White Noise Machine for Office Privacy

How can you limit office distractions and promote privacy? These problems don’t just annoy employees, they cost your company real money in terms of your ROI on employees and in terms of potential eavesdropping on confidential information leading to lawsuits. See how many companies have found a solution in white...

White Noise Evolution: From Sleepmate to Dohm


Is Noise Effecting Your Sleep?

Sit down, close your eyes and envision your bedroom. Can you see it? Good. Now carefully, think about the sounds you hear while you are trying to sleep at night. Do you hear a train, cars, dogs barking, the TV? While you may not know it, “your brain continues to...

The Marpac LOVE Story

At Marpac, we’re all about love.  We want to help you love how you sleep, love how you feel, and love how you live.  We love that our customers love us.  We especially love the reviews that say things like “Love, love, love!” (yes, really).  We love our jobs.  We...

What exactly IS white noise, and why should I care about it?

White noise is not just the sound of static on a TV, or a euphemism for something that bores you to the point of zoning out.  White noise has a purpose in life – and probably even in YOUR life!  In fact, it could be the answer to problems you...