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Sleep Habits & Your Relationship

Sleep is important, we all know this. Have you ever been around someone who is tired or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed? We probably all have…can you say cranky? Yikes, steer clear! It’s no secret that sleep is good for our health and our relationships, which is why we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that couples who don’t get enough sleep, fight more.

The average American couple has 24 fights a year due to broken sleep. Not only that, but the average person suffers a worrying 182 disturbed sleeps a year. Snoring, hogging the covers and shuffling about too much are the biggest killers of restful sleep.

You may be thinking this sounds all too familiar, right? While some people have taken drastic measures to improve their sleep, such as sleeping on the couch, medication or even ending their relationship, there are other things you can do.

Talk to your partner, let them know their sleep habits are straining your sleep and your relationship. A solution might be ear plugs, separate blankets or possibly even different beds. Hey, whatever works, right?

Like we said, sleep is important! If you want the best possible sleep and are ready for the best sleep of your life, try a Yogabed. No fighting here, just calm, clean, restful sleep.

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