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Pillow Talk

We all have our favorite pillow(s) that we sleep with every night. Some of us have had the same pillow for years and refuse to part with it, while others change out their pillows quite frequently. Looking down at the very warn, beaten up pillow lying on the bed sparked the question, how often should we clean or replace our pillows? Don’t worry… we have an answer for you!

When it comes to pillow cleanliness, you should clean the outer cover of your pillow at least every three weeks, and for good reason. Common allergens such as dirt, oil and dead skin cells, critters and debris, can all be found trapped in your pillows which can cause acne and other allergic reactions.

Now, cleaning your pillow isn’t enough, it is also recommended that you replace your pillows every year, according to The Better Sleep Council. Yes, it is time to say goodbye to that pillow that you’ve had since the 6th grade.  

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