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Pillow Horoscope

Pillows. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some of us sleep with one, multiple or none at all. Many of us have our own reasons for sleeping with the pillow or pillows that we do, but did you know there can be meaning behind what pillow we sleep with? According to House Beautiful, what kind of pillow you sleep with speaks to your personality. So tell us…what’s your pillow horoscope?

Are you practical or anxious? Generous or sincere?  Or perhaps you are more analytical in nature.  Your pillow choices may provide insight.

Take this fun quiz to find out more about your pillow style and then consider this…

While the number of pillows you sleep with may speak to your personality, the number of years you sleep on your pillows is a whole different matter.

Did you know that according to the Better Sleep Council you should replace your pillows every year? If you’ve been sleeping on your trusty pillow for more than a few years it may be time to part ways and try something new.

 So take an inventory of your pillows, and embrace your pillow personality. Everyone has a preference and yours makes you special. Rest assured that whether you are confident, analytical, an individualist or anywhere in between, there is a pillow out there for you!

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