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Noisy Hotel? White Noise to the Rescue! test

A white noise machine is like the opposite of an "invisibility cloak," but for your ears. Instead of making YOU invisible to those around you, it makes those around you invisible to you (or more accurately, to your ears). Sounds good, doesn't it?

We've already talked about how awesome white noise is when you're a guest in someone else's home; it's even MORE life-saving when you're in a noisy hotel.

White noise makes it possible for you to feel like you have some control over your own space, even when you're surrounded by strangers. This is especially essential when those strangers drag suitcases down hallways, let doors slam, make elevators ding, listen to the television on full blast til 2am, and release buckets of ice with clattering abandon.

Turn on a white noise machine, and you can tune all of that out.

You'll not only sleep better, but you'll probably enjoy the whole hotel experience a whole lot more, too - especially if you're in a happening downtown location. Heck, even a place that's too quiet can be unsettling.

Some hotels have caught on, and are providing sound machines in some or all of their rooms. Our Dohm white noise machines are the choice of Canyon Ranch and several of the Four Seasons and Hyatt locations, among others. Quirk boutique hotel in Richmond even went so far as to order their own special light pink Dohms. We love that!

If you won't be staying at one of those forward-thinking places, though, we recommend that you BYO - that way, no matter what kind of unfamiliar sound environment you find yourself in, you're prepared. No noise will stand between you and sleep!


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