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Marpac Moment: How a Marketing Manager Uses Sound to Create Ideas

As an employee of Marpac, there are two common questions I hear when people find out I work for a company that produces sound machines: what exactly is a sound machine? And, why do people use them? (Sometimes…Oh, you mean that rain falling sound?) Depending where I am during the inquiry my reply varies. Simply put, sound machines are used to help you sleep better, concentrate with fewer distractions, and mask sounds for privacy. And as cliché as it may sound, everyone here at Marpac truly uses their white noise machine daily for the reasons listed above. For me, it’s all about the ability to focus and work smarter.

As a writer, shutting out the world to concentrate and create is necessary for my work productivity. But being part of a big company, office life is more "hustle and bustle" than "seclusion and silence.”  White noise has become a staple in my daily routine, and honestly, it has allowed me to focus on my tasks at hand and become less distracted by the daily buzz that surrounds me.  In fact, I’d dare say (albeit I’m a bit biased) that my sound machine may be my secret weapon for maintaining privacy during phone meetings and aiding me with keeping on point for those workdays when your to-do list looks longer than the hours at hand.

Here are my top three daily uses of my Dohm sound machine at the office:

1. Phone Meetings: Hands down, putting a sound barrier between a phone conversation and my co-workers is the best gift to anyone. No need to be in that low, awkward whisper as a personal call comes in, or when you have a business call in a cubicle. There is nothing nicer than speaking in a normal voice instead of a low, self-conscious whisper.

2. Concentration: On a day when I have a task list a mile long, attended meeting after meeting, and still have more to accomplish than time allows, I rely on the low hum of white noise to help me stay on point...and it does!

3. Creative Focus: Creating and formulating strategies means you have to be in a mindset to conceptualize fresh ideas. As any creative person will share, this process is not always easy when an office has many distractions and procrastination creeps up quickly, so the meditative state brought on by the sound machine’s low hum of white noise helps keep my mind focused and open for ideas. Essentially, it allows my brain to think freely.

Marpac stands behind its sound machines, in part because we ourselves use them and love them!

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