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Marpac Dohm Sound Machine Featured in the New York Times

We're so pleased!  This "letter of recommendation" won't get us into college, but perhaps it'll move us one step closer to bringing Serious Sleep to the masses, with the help of our beloved Dohm sound machine.Check it out in the New York Times Magazine in print on May 31, or visit the article on their website now!  Get a taste of it below...

Letter of Recommendation: The Dohm Sound Machine  by Carrie Battan

Late one night in 1962, a resourceful insomniac named Jim Buckwalter found himself wide awake once again. Unlike so many of us, though, Buckwalter put his sleeplessness to use, fiddling and tinkering, hoping to find a way to sleep through the night. He installed a motorized fan in a metal dog-food dish and sealed it off with a piece of wood. When he turned the fan on, the contraption produced a pleasant whir that was strangely effective at drowning out other noises. He began to sleep better with the machine on, and his rudimentary device became the prototype for the Dohm “sound conditioner” — one of today’s top-selling white-noise machines.  [read more]

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