How White Noise Helps with Noisy Neighbors

How White Noise Helps with Noisy Neighbors

Having nearby neighbors you like is awesome for many things: if you’re lucky enough to have nice neighbors, there’s always someone there to borrow a cup of sugar from, keep an eye on your house when you’re on vacation, and just enjoy the familial camaraderie of knowing the folks you live near. (Though you apartment-dwellers might be thinking “huh? Must be nice…”) City living is a whole new ballgame (who knows, there could be an *actual* ballgame being played right outside your bedroom window) and has a whole slew of unique challenges in terms of cohabitation. White noise to the rescue! 

Control Your Environment (Not Your Neighbors)

Let’s say your neighbor, who otherwise is lovely, has a habit of mowing the lawn at 6am. Or you have a house of college students who live across the street and are on entirely opposite sleep schedules as you (up all night, sleep all day.) Sure, you can politely ask your neighbors to be more mindful of their neighbors, but ultimately we can't control the actions of others. 

And why bother trying when you have the power of white noise at your fingertips! You can’t change the behaviors of other people, but you can control your environment. White noise has powerful sound-masking properties to block outside sounds, and the best part is that your neighbors don’t even need to know! 

White Noise to Mask Noisy Neighbors

Back to the annoying neighbors. A common concern we hear is that a white noise machine won’t be loud enough to drown out the party next door. You would be surprised at how powerful some of our portable sound machines are!  

For example, the average decibel level of a lawnmower is around 90 dB. Our Rohm and Hushh portable sound machines both reach almost 86 dB at their maximum volume setting. Place one of these somewhere near your bed where you sleep and you’ll forget you even have neighbors. (P.S. We don’t recommend putting any of our sound machines closer than 3’ from your head.) We like to call them small yet mighty!

Hear It From Real Customers

"I love this thing. I live in NYC, my neighbors are extremely loud at times and it helps me sleep through the night every night." - Oliver P.

"This is a brilliant yet unobtrusive product. The white noise machine operates at just the right level, not too quiet, not too loud, blocking out loud traffic noise, neighbors, television, and allowing my children a peaceful, quiet rest. Can not recommend this product enough!" - Marina L.  

"I've slept significantly better since getting this particular white noise machine. As an apartment dweller who has loud neighbors and thin walls and ceilings, I'm also able to reduce most of the sound coming from the neighbor by filling my bedroom with the steady, soothing sounds of the Dohm."- Jennifer S. 

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