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How to Choose A Sound Machine

If you’ve found your way here, chances are it’s because you know that we at Marpac have been doing this for a while.  Like, for decades.  We happen to believe that our sound machines are the best available, because we work hard to make them that way.  So choosing between our machines is what we’re focusing on, here, but the following advice could be applied to other brands, too, should you decide that you prefer a non-Marpac machine.  No hard feelings!  We just want to help you to get the very best sleep (or sound masking) possible.

  • If you are a fan sleeper, you’ll most likely want the Dohm.  The Dohm is the original sound machine, first created (by us) in 1962. It features a real fan inside an adjustable acoustic housing, so you can alter the tone and volume of the sound to suit your personal preferences and needs based on your sound environment.  This ability to customize the sound makes it superior to a regular fan for sound masking purposes, and it also uses less energy than a fan.  Additionally, the Dohm is compact (easy to tuck out of sight or travel* with) and won’t create airflow, so it’s especially great in the wintertime or if dust and allergens are a concern.  *Please note that the 120V Dohm is not suitable for international travel.
  • If you travel extensively or have an especially loud situation to contend with, we recommend the TSCI-330.  The sound of the 330 is a little less like the “whoosh” of a fan and more like a deep “static-ish” sound. Like the Dohm, there are no loops or digital recordings, because the sound is synthesized in real time.  Choose from constant white noise or a modulated wave pattern.  The 330 is compact and comes equipped with plug adaptors for international travel.  Pro tip: in noisy hotels, try placing the sound machine between the door and your bed, then adjust the tone and volume to your liking.  You’ll find that pretty soon, you don’t even notice the sound of the machine, but you ALSO don’t hear the doors banging or voices in the hallway… sound machine for the win!
  • If you really like those rainforest sounds (or other nature sounds like thunderstorm and surf), the digital models are for you.  Our DS600A and 1288A have plenty of options, and the high-quality speakers and construction mean that you’ll get the very best performance possible. On the 1288A, volume and tone controls allow you to customize the sound to your liking - especially useful if you’re seeking relief from tinnitus (in fact, this product is a favorite of audiologists for this reason).  The 600A is slightly more basic - it includes the six most popular sounds from the 1288A, and does not feature tone control.

Whichever machine you choose, placement is key.  Many people put their sound machines on the nightstand, but they may actually be more effective if placed elsewhere.  See this page for tips!

We’re here to help, so if you still have questions… Contact Us!

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