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Going to Bed Mad

You’ve heard it over and over again… the famous saying “don’t go to bed mad.” It makes sense, right? Life is too short to leave things unsaid. Why wait until the morning to resolve your issues, when you can resolve it before bed and have a peaceful slumber? Well, research shows that sometimes it’s okay to go to bed mad. Sometimes in fact, it’s the best decision!

A study in The Journal of Neuroscience found that “people who slept after witnessing an unpleasant event felt equally bad the second time they encountered the situation, while those who stayed awake the first time were better equipped to handle it later on.” This is great, right? Stay up, resolve your fight and go to bed better able to handle your issues later down the road. But what if your argument has no end in sight? Some of us have to get up early the next morning and can’t afford to lose our beauty sleep. Well, we have some good news for you… According to Women's Health Magazine, a study from the University of Massachusetts found that “one night of sleep can help enhance your decision-making abilities, as our brains are able to elaborate on several different ways to solve a problem.”

Perfect, a solution for every problem! If you are a night owl and would prefer to resolve your dispute before bed, you may be better equipped to handle this issue the next time, or better yet, prevent the argument from ever happening… argue smarter, not harder ;) If you can’t possibly miss any shut-eye, it might be in your best interest to simply tell your significant other that you love them and you will finish this conversation in the morning. The sleep you get may help you calm down and think more rationally in the morning. Now that’s a win, win!

If your mattress is the cause of some of your arguments, consider a Yogabed. Our memory foam mattresses won’t just give you the best night sleep, it will put you in a better mood too! It’s been proven that better sleep means a better attitude. Don’t let your old mattress keep you from a calm, comforting night’s sleep. Your relationship could be on the line; make the right choice!

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