Full Size Bed Dimensions: How Big is a Full Bed?

Full Size Bed Dimensions: How Big is a Full Bed?

Is a Full Size Bed Right for You? - Full Size Bed Dimensions

A full-size mattress, also known as a double mattress, is a great mattress size for solo sleepers of all ages, from children and teens to single adults. It's economical, doesn't take up too much space, and provides plenty of room to stretch out.

Benefits of the Full / Double Bed

For adults, the full size bed provides more sleeping space than a twin or twin XL. Being able to stretch out more provides long-term health benefits, like improved blood flow and less joint pain. (You can improve both of those things even more by getting a gel memory foam mattress.) 

Full size bed dimensions: 53 inches by 75 inches (134.5 centimeters by 190.5 centimeters). When planning where to place it in your bedroom a full size bed dimensions in feet are 4.42 by 6.25. 

That size makes it much more comfortable for kids to spread out, roll around, or co-sleep. It's also a good step up from a twin for an older child or teenager. 

If the full bed seems too short, you can always opt for a twin XL mattress or a queen size mattress instead; each provide an additional 6 inches of leg room, which can be a life-saver for taller sleepers. There is also the full XL, but as a non-standard size, this mattress can be difficult to find accessories for, and many people just opt for either the twin XL or the queen.

Room Size for a Full Size Bed

The full bed is an extremely versatile bed size that can fit in many different spaces, from guest rooms to bunk beds to college dorms to small master bedrooms. As a rule of thumb, so long as your bedroom is at least 9.5 x 9 feet, you'll have no trouble with a full-size bed. 

How big your room should be to fit a certain mattress size does depend on what bed frame you use, as well as what other furniture you'll be putting in the bedroom. 9.5 x 9 should be perfect for a full bed, mid-sized frame, two nightstands, and a dresser. But if you'd like to add a couch and an entertainment center, you might want a bit more room. 

Always make sure to map out the layout of your room before you purchase a bed: draw it out on graph paper, tape out where the bed will go on the floor, etc. This will make sure that you know how your space will be laid out before your bed even arrives, eliminating any unnecessary stress.

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