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For Better Sleep, Think Bigger in 5 Steps

post by Jessica Hurwit of Michael Graves Architecture & Design (Marpac is proud to be partnering with MGA&D on several upcoming products!)

It’s always been evident that sleep has a profound effect on many aspects of our lives; our overall health, our productivity, and our general mood. In recent years, sleep has begun to be thought of as the third pillar of health, the first two being diet and exercise. Many doctors have published articles on the topic of sleep hygiene, which can be defined as the variety and practices and habits one can adopt that are necessary for good sleep. Overall, people have become more and more aware of the importance of sleep, and things like pulling all-nighters are no longer thought of as badges of honor. Beyond that, people are also starting to realize it’s not just about the quantity of sleep that you get, but the quality.                                    



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