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Dreaming Dogs

Have you ever sat down to wonder whether dogs dream? You might have your suspicions if you see your dog acting out in his sleep, either by barking or moving his legs, but do they really?

According to Pet MD, dogs’ brains are much like ours. While there are certainly a lot of differences between the human and dog brains, the structure is a lot alike, so you would assume they can dream just like we can! Just like humans, dogs also enter deep sleep and REM. This sleep takes place about 10-20 minutes after falling asleep. So, next time your beloved Fido falls asleep, keep an eye on them and see what they do about 10-20 minutes into their slumber. If you notice their legs twitching, growling, barking or acting out in some other way, it’s probably a safe bet your pup is having a dream!

The American Kennel Club reveals that similar to their human counterparts, small dogs are said to dream more than larger dogs. “Small dogs, like Chihuahuas, tend to dream more often during one night, with a new dream about every ten minutes, than large dogs.” Wow, that’s a lot of dreams your little pup could have in one night. Although the sounds and movements your dog might display while sleeping can be worrisome, it’s best not to wake them, as this will be very startling for your pet. Think about how you feel when you have just hit a deep sleep and someone wakes you up... frightened, angry, and tired are all emotions you might experience and the same goes for your sleepy pup.

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