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Do babies dream?

Did you know dreams only occur while you are in the REM sleep stage? It’s true. However, the older you get, the less time you spend in REM sleep. According to the Better Sleep Council, infants spend up to 50% of their total sleep in REM, while adults only spend about 20% of their sleep in REM. This may have you thinking… do babies dream?

Psychologist David Foulkes tells Live Science that “people often mistakenly equate their babies’ ability to perceive with an ability to dream.” Some neuroscientists believe babies are actually dreamless for the first few years of life due to the immaturity of their brains and their very limited life experiences. After all, what would a baby dream of? Milk? Nap time? Household pets? Who knows… but it’s fun to imagine what their cute little brains could think of.

While REM sleep allows adults and children to dream, some neuroscientists believe REM serves a different purpose in infants, “it allows their brains to build pathways, become integrated and, later helps them develop language.”

With REM sleep being so important in both adults and infants alike, it is equally important that you have a comfortable mattress that promotes healthy and restful sleep. We know sleep is essential and with Yogabed, you’ll be dreaming in no time!    

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