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Dirtiest Household Items

When you think of the dirtiest things in your house, what do you think of? Something that probably comes to mind is the toilet or toilet seat. You’d be surprised to know the toilet doesn’t even make the top 10 dirtiest items in your house. What tops the list? Dryer lint trap, dishwasher, bed pillows, cell phone, and others. Click here for a full list!

You might expect dirt and germs to fester in the bathroom or even the kitchen, but certainly not the same pillow you rest your clean head on each night! According to TODAY.com “the accumulation of dust mites and their waste can make a pillow double its weight in two years.” Now that’s gross!

Some pillows are completely washable, but for those that can’t be laundered, consider a washable cover that can be washed every one to two weeks. This simple chore will rid your pillow of dirt, dust, mites and dead skin cells that have accumulated over time.

Out of all the dirty items in your house, don’t let your bed pillows be one of them. If you’ve had your pillows for longer than two years, it’s time to replace them, but not to worry…try a Yogabed pillow today. Yogabed’s top of the line memory foam pillows feature a washable cover that can be easily removed and washed for a fresh sleeping experience. Sleeping clean has never been so easy!

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