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Crazy Stuff People Do While Asleep

The Internet abounds with stories, running the emotional gamut from heartwarming to horrifying. Many of the best ones are true. A recent dive into stories of sleepwalking yielded some eye-opening results.

One man told of an episode reported by his girlfriend, who claimed he arose from their bed, whispered something to the door, then returned to bed. She asked him what he was doing and he replied that he “couldn’t go. I forgot the password.”

There was a woman who’d awake to find food in her bed, or posts she’d made online of which she had no memory. Later, this same woman woke up in her pajamas, in her car, driving. And crying. Soon thereafter she stopped her sleeping medication.

Another bizarre tale involved the 77-year-old man who wandered out of his house and into a nearby pond, where he became stuck in the mud—and was set upon by several alligators. He held them at bay with his cane (which he’d thoughtfully brought along) until help arrived.

In addition to countless stories of people who eat in their sleep, we also found reports of people cooking in their sleep, walking out of windows, mowing the lawn naked, making music or art, and—you gotta love the indomitable human spirit—having sex. 

Anyway, now we’re on a quest: What’s the number-one all-time best sleepwalking story you’ve ever heard (or experienced)?

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