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Coffee, Soda and Sleep

Coffee, tea and soda are drinks many of us find ourselves drinking at least once a day. I’m sure we all know a few friends or coworkers who live off coffee and become a little grouchy when their caffeine levels are low! While caffeinated drinks may help you function during the day, they could be to blame for your sleepless nights.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “people who drink a lot of sugary, caffeinated drinks tend to sleep for five or fewer hours a night – far less than would be ideal at any age.” Caffeinated beverages not only keep you up at night, but can also worsen nighttime heartburn and contribute to obesity. While your fourth cup of joe might be helping you get through countless meetings and projects, you may be setting yourself up for sleep failure.  

So…if your feeling sluggish and craving some caffeine to help get you through the day, try exercise or a big glass of water instead. We know it sounds crazy to exercise when you’re already dragging, but exercise increases your endorphins, making you more alert and thus giving you more energy. While it might take some time to get used to your decreased caffeine intake, your new and healthier body will thank you and you’ll sleep better too! 

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