Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Neck pain can turn an ordinary sleep routine into a headache.Given all the other things you have to handle during the day, a stiff neck shouldn't be one of them. Neck pain can make getting and staying asleep difficult preventing you from waking up well-rested. 

Is there anything to do about this? The answer is: Absolutely yes.

The Pillow You Pick Matters. A Lot.

Everyone knows that the quality of your mattress impacts the quality of your sleep, but what about your pillow?  For chronic and severe neck pain it is best to consult with a medical professional. For most neck aches, picking the right pillow can often be the best and easiest solution. Each person's body is different and there a wide variety of pillow-types to choose from The key is trying out pillows to find the one that provides the proper spinal alignment.  

What exactly is spinal alignment? Surprisingly, it’s not a straight line. That’s because your spine is made of individual vertebrae that stack up and form your vertebral column. A healthy spine forms a sort of S shape that helps with the support of your head, neck, and body. The best pillows help your spine rest in a posture that's in line with this natural curvature.

Which Type of Pillow Should You Go With?

There are a couple of different kinds of pillows that are great for providing neck support — they're usually more rounded in a way that encourages proper spinal alignment. Often times the best pillows for neck pain are made of feathers and memory foam.

Feather Pillows

These comfortable pillows, though not as firm as others, provide a flat surface and leave your head feeling almost weightless as you drift off to sleep. eather pillows conform closely to your neck and have a long lifespan. Their shift-able loft even puts them in the adjustable pillow category! You may get gently poked by some of the quills, but that's one of the unique experiences you gain from sleeping on feathers.

Memory Foam Pillows

Many memory foam pillows have curved surfaces that are ideal for neck support. Some are even marketed with names like cervical pillows or orthopedic pillows. 

.The key is to find pillows that when you lay down in your typical sleep position relieves your neck pain.

Tips for Finding Your Best Pillow

Going to store to buy a pillow can be overwhelming - there are so many to choose from and no real way to evaluate how they feel when you sleep. But the variety, all in one place, is hard to argue with. If the store also sells beds, bring over three or four pillows and lay down and try them out. Otherwise, find a wall or column and place the pillow behind your head and press back with just enough effort to approximate sleeping. Yes, this might be embarrassing. It’s worth it — your head will spend a third of its life on this pillow — you want the right one. Another great option is to take advantage of the long sleep trials of online sellers that often offer completely free returns. You can order and sample the pillow in your own bed for months and either return or let family or friends try out different pillows.

Help Your Neck Pain with Marpac's Memory Foam Pillow

If you're unsure of which pillow to use for alleviating your neck's aches and pains, look no further--Yogasleep has got you covered. Our luxury memory foam pillows let you experience what it’s like to sleep on clouds; cool as they are comfortable, and for most people, they sleep like a dream. The removable cover allows for easy cleaning (plus they're machine washable), and their quality design ensures lasting durability. And we offer a 101-night trial period — if the pillows don’t work for you, return them on us.

Don't let neck pain stand in the way of your beauty sleep. Treat yourself to luxury with our amazing memory foam pillow!

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