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Six Awesome Reasons Why White Noise Helps You Sleep Better

With daily distractions and technological overstimulation, our need for sleep and personal well-being is more necessary than ever.

White noise is rapidly becoming a popular way to help the body and brain relax for a good night's sleep. Here are six ways your sleep benefits from white noise:

  1. Helps you build a bedtime ritual.
    Especially if you have trouble falling asleep, but even if you don’t, it’s a good idea to establish a routine before bed (both for children and adults).  Make sleep hygiene a habit!

  2. Keeps your bedroom QUIET.
    For optimal sleep, you need the optimal sleep environment.  White noise buffers disturbing sounds and creates a quiet cocoon, regardless of your surroundings or sleep situation.

  3. Shuts down your busy brain.
    Ever have trouble falling asleep because your To-Do list won’t stop buzzing, or personal worries keep you awake? White noise can help - it’s even shown to help ease symptoms of anxiety. There’s a reason some people use it to meditate!

  4. Once you’re asleep, you’ll stay asleep.
    By masking sounds that might interrupt your sleep, white noise protects your peaceful slumber.  And if you DO wake up, it’s often easier to fall back asleep.

  5. You’ll sleep more soundly.
    You may not realize how many times you wake up each night.  But even if you don’t remember it in the morning, those little interruptions affect the quality of your sleep.  So give white noise a try and see if you don’t wake up feeling more refreshed.

  6. You can bring white noise anywhere.
    While you can’t count on your environment, you CAN manage the noise factor, if you’ve got a sound machine. And many are compact and portable, making them easy to throw into a suitcase, diaper bag, or handbag. (This one’s especially helpful when traveling. Hotel room doors slamming and noisy hallways, anyone?)

Overall, there are obviously a million ways to try to sleep better at night. But who has time to try them all? Not us! White noise is a proven way to help you and your family sleep a little bit better. It’s also affordable and a natural approach - it sounds like you have nothing to lose.