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That’s Good Sheets Linen Spray

Refresh your body, mind, and bed sheets with our relaxing Linen Spray collection. Featuring unique blends of aromatherapy oils optimized for sleep, our linen sprays help create a soothing sleep environment, wherever you are. Usage: Apply a light mist to room and sheets before bed. That’s Good Sheets features scents of: Cashmere: enhances the overall ambiance of your surroundings - relaxes, warms, setting a state of well-being Vetiver: provides a calming, grounding aroma

  • The scent of freshly cleaned linens ready for a springtime nap
  • Aromatherapy for Zzz’s: Scents designed for sleep
  • Easy to Use: Mist sheets lightly before snoozing
  • Compact and Travel-Size: TSA-friendly bottles -- under 2 oz. each