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Yawning & why we do it

Yawning, we all do it. Some say it’s a sign of exhaustion, while others think your brain simply needs more oxygen. But who’s right? What’s the real reason we yawn?

Sleep.org says common reasons for yawning include fatigue, boredom, preparing to move, an underlying disease or a warm brain. Let’s take a closer look at some of these, and for more information click here!

Boredom and fatigue go hand in hand, when your bored, you start to feel tired which can lead to yawning. Have you ever sat and watched a movie your just not in to? Yep, you probably yawned and maybe even took a nap. Or perhaps you went to get up out of your chair and stretch your arms…and your mouth! Yawning can be the body’s way of stretching and preparing for an exercise or activity, neat, right?

Now that we know what can cause yawning, we should also mention that yawning, like the common cold, is highly contagious! “If you see someone yawn or read about yawning, you might do it yourself.” You might have even yawned while reading this blog, but not to worry, we aren’t offended. So, next time you find yourself yawning, remember, this is a common bodily response and there is no one reason for this reaction.

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