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Wealth, Beauty, and Sleep: Habits of the Stars

If you want to become great at something it helps to know the paths of those who came before you. The book Daily Rituals is an enlightening survey of successful artists, writers, politicians, scientists and inventors. Their reported work habits run the gamut from the quirky to the downright lunatic. Definitely a fun and inspiring read.

Fixated with sleep as we are, we wondered if there were any Nightly Rituals we might find intriguing. So we looked.

Sleep-styles of the Rich and the Famous

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer (reported net worth: $500 million) gets just four to six hours of sleep per night, according to Inc. magazine. The 41-year-old Stanford grad and Google alumna is the mother of three, so we’re guessing not every night features six hours of uninterrupted slumber.

Apple’s Tim Cook, who you’d think would have a pretty significant workload, does not disappoint, reportedly rising at 4:30 each morning and hitting the gym by 5:00. Sources say he’s also among the last to leave the office at night. No word from Cupertino on any bedtime ritual, though we’re wondering if it involves a haptic lullaby from his Apple Watch Edition.

For contrast, there is super-successful designer and author Lauren Conrad, who is a fan of greater sack time. On her blog she says, “There’s a reason that they call it ‘beauty sleep.’ Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night can actually improve your appearance. While you’re sleeping your body releases human growth hormones. This helps your body create collagen, which gives your skin strength and elasticity.” 

So there you have it, ladies and gents: The secret to beauty and/or wealth is to get either more or less sleep. Your pick. 

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