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Wash your make-up off before sleep

We all know better, but sometimes we forget to wash our makeup off before we go to sleep. An interesting meme hit social media recently and caused an uproar. The meme claimed that if you sleep in your makeup your skin will age seven times faster. “WHAT?!?” was most readers’ reaction to the claim.


Although the claim is still unproven, the meme sparked interest among scientists and dermatologists. In an article found on American Spa, Tracey Lambert, M.D., CEO, of Skin Elegance International agreed there definitely is a “grain of truth” to this meme that exploded on social media.

Even if you aren’t wearing a lot of makeup, you would be surprised how much damage you can do by going to bed without taking off your makeup. Your day-old makeup and sweat makes for a harmful environment for your skin. It can ruin your complexion and even age your skin prematurely. “Your skin is your biggest organ, and it must be tended to,” says Janet Pardo, Senior Vice President of product development for Clinique Makeup.

During the day, your skin is in protection mode, while at night it turns into repair mode, creating healthy cells and regenerating levels of collagen. When you sleep in your makeup this process is interrupted and you end up with break outs, dry skin, dull complexion, clogged pores and irritated skin according to David Orentreich, M.D. dermatologist.

Bottom line… Take a few minutes and wash your face. The investment you make in your skin now, will show later. It is great to develop a nightly skin care routine and really stick to it. Just start with the basic necessity: wash your face every night before bed!