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The competitive sleeping league - The Origin Story ILLUSTRATED

The latest season of the Competitive Sleeping League has come to a dramatic close (watch highlights of the Championship here). With that, Sleepletes from around the world now set their drowsy eyes on next year's season and a shot at the Golden Dohm.

During the pause we thought we take a nostalgic look back at how far the sport has come. The history of the CSL is the stuff dreams are made of, springing onto the world's stage as if from nowhere. But how did it all begin?

We asked Rob Ullman - sports nut, pin-up artist, and creator of the Old-Timey Hockey Tales comic series - to illustrate the story, as told by 3-Time CSL champion and now CSL commentator Chip Fletcher.

Robert-Ullman---CSL01_Final_slices_03 Robert-Ullman---CSL01_Final_slices_06 Robert-Ullman---CSL01_Final_slices_08 Robert-Ullman---CSL01_Final_slices_11 Robert-Ullman---CSL02_Final_slices_03 Robert-Ullman---CSL02_Final_slices_05 Robert-Ullman---CSL02_Final_slices_08 Robert-Ullman---CSL02_Final_slices_10 Robert-Ullman---CSL02_Final_slices_13 Robert-Ullman---CSL03_Final_slices_03 Robert-Ullman---CSL03_Final_slices_05 Robert-Ullman---CSL03_Final_slices_09 Robert-Ullman---CSL03_Final_slices_10 Robert-Ullman---CSL03_Final_slices_13

(if you loved this comic, check out some of Rob's other work!)

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