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Pavlov’s (er… Jimmy’s) Dog

We tell a lot of “sound machine success stories” around Marpac, and one of our favorites features the canine companion of company co-owner Jimmy Sloan. Mason is his name, and he’s a super-sweet elderly golden retriever who has been known to shed hair around the office from time to time. Mason is also very well-trained – at least, when it comes to bedtime.


You see, Jimmy and his family have used a Dohm for many years, and Mason has come to understand that when that soothing sound comes on, it’s time to sleep. Flip the switch, and he walks right over to his bed, circles three times as dogs are wont to do, and then settles down for the night.

We can’t promise that your dog will be transformed overnight, but we CAN tell you that Jimmy is not the only owner who reports this behavior. Furthermore, we’ve had human beings tell us that they experience something akin to a Pavlovian response when the Dohm is turned on for the night. We’re not surprised – many of us experience this kind of “ahhh yes, it’s time for bed” reaction to the Dohm. In fact, this kind of conditioning is part of what forms the basis for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia.

The moral of this story: sleep is in part a matter of training – whether you have two legs or four – and like any training, cues are essential. (Belly scratching is optional, but highly recommended.)

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