5 Reasons to Love the Pocket Baby Soother

5 Reasons to Love the Pocket Baby Soother

At first glance, you may think our new sound machine for baby belongs in the toy aisle. The bright colors and fun anthropomorphic shapes are just the thing that your child would reach out to with delight. The truth is, a child’s toy is the inspiration behind our newest collection of baby white noise machines. We think the Pocket Baby Soother will quickly become a favorite of yours (and your kids!), and here’s why:

It plays the white noise your child loves

The Pocket Baby Soother has six soundtracks which are all engineered to soothe your child to sleep. Whether simple, straightforward white noise works best or your baby or nature sounds are a hit, this unit has you covered. You can choose from white noise, brown noise, fan-based Dohm sound, ocean waves, or even classic melodies inspired by lullabies like Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star. The lullaby options are perfect for “chilldown” times with your young child and toddler to signal it’s time to wind down for bedtime.

The Dohm sound mimics the exact soothing tones of our original sound machine and is a great option for bringing that soothing fan-based sound with you for on-the-go naps and travel. What is brown noise you ask? Brown Noise setting has lower frequencies than white noise and has a deeper sound, similar to a low roaring or rumbling of a thunderstorm.

It's safe for little hands

Because it's so adorable and child-sized, you know kids will be instantly attracted to this little sound machine. In developing this sound machine for kids we knew that child safety had to be a priority. The Pocket Baby Soother has undergone rigorous safety testing following toy industry standards to ensure there’s no risk of choking or battery exposure. In fact, you can avoid batteries altogether because this unit is USB-rechargeable and operates all night long on a single charge. No need to worry about keeping batteries on hand, and as an added bonus, charging by USB makes it especially handy for international travel. It also comes with a soft flexible baby-safe clip so you can easily fasten it to a stroller, crib, or backpack.

The price is right.

Coming in at under $25 per pop, the Pocket Baby Soother won’t break the bank. The affordable price means you can stock up and don’t have to worry about switching it out between each diaper bag/backpack/tote as you get ready to leave the house (and who doesn’t want a little extra time?) There’s nothing worse than when you're out running an errand with your little one who needs to nap and realizing you left your sound machine in your other bag! They also make a great, budget-friendly baby shower or registry gift.

It's super easy to keep clean

The Pocket Baby Soother has a unique outer casing made from food-grade silicone that easily slips off. If your unit happens to get dirty from grubby hands during snack time or in case of a spill (or drool from a teething baby!), simply remove the silicone cover from the machine. You can hand wash using dish detergent or hand soap or simply throw it in your dishwasher. It’s dishwasher-safe, though we recommend placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher only, as the high heat of the washing cycle could potentially damage the cover.

It's REALLY cute!

Available in four different critter shapes, Penguin, Unicorn, Fox, and Dinosaur, there’s a character to delight any child’s taste (or match your nursery decor). They’re sure to spark your child’s imagination and help them feel more involved with the process of settling down for your sleep time routine. (Read our sleep routine for baby tips here.) It doesn’t hurt that the bright colors makes them extra visible and super easy to find while digging through a diaper bag or backpack.

We hope you love these charming little baby sound machines as much as we do. Please share your feedback below and let us know if you have any questions about our newest white noise machines for babies!

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