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Marpac Customers Say It Best

We like to say that “our customers say it best.”  What we mean by this: our marketing department is pretty lazy, and they just put user reviews all over the place instead of coming up with new things to say.  (Kidding, of course... J)  Here’s what we REALLY mean by this: we have some incredibly passionate customers, and the things they say about our products are so authentically, genuinely complimentary that we feel it’s best to just let their reviews speak for themselves. 


I mean, these are people who have slept with our products for decades, often; or, they’re new fans who have recently discovered our sound machine, overcome a healthy skepticism to give it a try, and then love it so much that they respond with “where have you been all my life?!” – and then there’s every kind of customer in between.

Furthermore, these customer reviews can be pretty entertaining.  Recently we played around with a #lifeisnoisy campaign as part of Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution College Tour. We asked people (starting with our own!) to imitate the sounds that kept them up at night or annoyed them throughout the day.  The inspiration for this idea came straight from our customers, and the many very colorful reviews we see every day.  It’s not uncommon for us to get a good giggle reading descriptions of upstairs neighbors that sound “like elephants crossed with monkeys having a knife fight,” or detailed stories about birds chirping incessantly before the crack of dawn (and what it makes you want to do to those sweet little birdies), for example.  **Of course, we wouldn’t laugh at your noise-related pain, if we hadn’t already solved the problem!**

SO… since transparency is super important to us, it just made sense.  Why write a bunch of fancy claims about how our sound machines help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and sleep more deeply, when 50+ years of anecdotal evidence, straight from the mouths of our customers, says it in such a simple and powerful way?

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