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Jet Lag & Sleep

Do you travel often for either work or pleasure? Perhaps your career requires you to be at meetings all over the globe, or you simply enjoy frequent vacations. Whatever the reason, if you’re a jet setter, you’re probably very familiar with the infamous jet lag.

Jet lag can sometimes be known as time zone change syndrome, which occurs when people travel quickly across different time zones in an aircraft. According to the Sleep Foundation, jet lag can throw your body out of rhythm and cause disruptions to your natural biological clock. “This results in our bodies telling us it is time to sleep, when it’s actually the middle of the afternoon, or it makes us want to stay awake when it is late at night.”

Not to worry, there are some things you can do to treat the side effects of jet lag. Next time you’re traveling, consider the following: Select a flight that arrives in the early evening, avoid alcohol or caffeine a few hours before bedtime and bring a white-noise machine and a blindfold to block noise and light when it is time to sleep. For a more complete list of suggestions click here.

While some might believe, they need to take over the counter or prescription sleeping medications to cope with their jet lag and help them get some shut eye, we believe you really just need a dark, quiet and comfortable space to lay your head. We can’t guarantee your destination will have a Yogabed, although they should, but coming home to your Yogabed will help with the time change transition and help you get your rhythm back before you know it!

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